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Interior decorator

The stages of a decoration project

The 1st date.

During this first meeting, you will show me your interior or simply the place you want to reinvent.
We will detail your project together, reviewing your desires, your tastes, the style you dream of, what you have imagined (photos, layout ...) without forgetting to take stock of what you don't like and don't not want.
And finally, we will discuss your budget as well as the timeframe to achieve your desires.

This first meeting will be followed by a counter visit, accompanied by my craftsman in order to offer you a work estimate.


3D plans

Nothing like a visual to project yourself ....

It is sometimes difficult to realize the final result of a decoration project.

Will the chosen colors match well? Will my future furniture be the right size and optimize space?

Will I really like it?

This is why I suggest you make your 3D plan which will answer all your questions and much more.

Plan 3D Yann LE SCANVE
Mood Board Yann LE SCANVE

The mood board

The board that allows you to present styles, furniture, materials and colors.

The shopping list

A real shopping list, which respects your budget and which leaves you free to make your own purchases or if you wish, I will take care of it for you.

enseigne pour site_edited.jpg

Exclusive advantages

In order to furnish or decorate, at a lower cost, you will automatically benefit from exclusive discounts negotiated with our various partners.

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Recent Achievements

Because you have questions, desires and dreams ...

Only one answer, yes! We can make them happen.

Fra papi

Delicatessen and Italian restaurant in the heart of the Saint-Lazare district

The hairless

A hairdressing salon opposite the Place d'Aligre market


A delicious Italian pizzeria a stone's throw from the Halles Chatelet garden


Petit relooking version home staging, pour ce superbe restaurant italien. Entre le jardin du Luxembourg et de la tour Montparnasse


Appartement re-pensé intégralement pour allouer les volumes et espaces d'un T1 bis en un véritable T2 prêt à l'investissement locatif.

David's table

A unique table, for a unique owner

Sophie's meetings

More than a kitchen, it is now the place where we receive, where we share good meals and good times with family.

What will be the next project?

Maybe yours ...

Mme M.

Comment intégrer une douche ainsi qu'une baignoire dans une salle de bain en longueur tout en gardant l'aisance d'une douche à l'italienne et d'un bon bain relaxant.

Quel sera le prochain projet ?

Peut-être le vôtre...

A question ?

Contact me, I would be happy to answer you.

9 Avenue du President Wilson 93100 MONTREUIL

+33 6 63 74 18 00

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Thank you and see you soon.

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